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Work Weeks 9/29/12 – 10/19/12

Posted in Tattoo with tags , , , , , , on October 21, 2012 by Chris Black

New starts and in-progress from the past few weeks.

Venus Of The Dead!

Posted in Tattoo with tags , , on August 25, 2012 by Chris Black

This Earth Mother design was a blast to work on!  There’s a great deal of contrast between the slick leaves and the gritty statue that really make the center focal point stand out even more.

This idea is just absolutely great and should certainly be much more of an international holiday than to be confined to such a small area.

Day of the Dead Marionette

Posted in Tattoo with tags , , on May 19, 2012 by Chris Black

This was our first session which took a few hours.  It’s not really a marionette as there are no strings attached to the appendages, but we loosely designed the body after those skeletons you see in the French Quarter souvenir shops.

This project took about 7 or 8 hours to complete.  Another fun tattoo for me to file under the interesting praying hands concept.

I was happy with the way this tattoo fit and is a clear example of how I try to create a dynamic look in my tattoos by working within the frame of sight and also making the image a little over-sized to fit in the area we are working on.  This technique lends itself to the notion that we are no longer viewing a body part, but more of a central focus of the tattoo.  Almost as if the image is there and the outer lines of the arms shape have created our frame.