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What really drew me to work on this piece was the idea.  The concept to create a design which can be interpreted by each individuals personal taste in music.  It’s neither genre confined or a declarative fatuous verse.

For me, I look at this and feel the blues.  I don’t just see it or read it, but feel those dampening tones weighing heavier and the dizzying effect of sorrow.  Hot-sticky summer bars, almost absent of oxygen, and filled with loneliness.  It’s quite fascinating how folks can turn their suffering into such a gratifying melody.  It seems like both mediums share some similar qualities.

This design was completed over the course of 2 sessions totaling about 7 1/2 hours.

Never Grow Old.

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Although I can appreciate the foundation of gaming, my thoughts tend to wander off into those days of Street Fighter and Final Fantasy, but lets keep this about the name brand.

My brother would let us play his Atari console and I recall how much I struggled with Pit Fall and Q-Bert.  Space Invaders and Pac-Man would captivate us for what seemed like just moments and in reality hours would disappear. What a blast this was to work on and looking forward to rendering the textures of the plastic and packing some vibrant colors in there.

Splat! Or maybe Splosh..

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Since dogs have a better sense of sound, I wonder if they could hear what this would really sound like.  If those bugs were actually that size, I’m certain we would be able to tell for ourselves.

We progressed about 4.5 more hours on this piece and I’m really enjoying the way it’s turning out. It’s unknown to myself if bees actually have that much goo inside them, but I feel it helps to exaggerate the brutality of this battle.  Or execution. Yeah, more like an execution.

Slicin’ & Dicin’

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Ready to cut you down!  This took a little over 4 hours to complete and is another reflection of great films from my childhood.  The pose of this reaper was inspired by Brad Pitts performance as Louis in Interview with the Vampire.

Too much fun? Quite possibly!

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This new piece has got to be my “strangest, weirdest, and most unusual” tattoo to date.

While searching for reference of actual Xenomorph hands, I opened up a great book from my collection.  The Winston Effect includes extensive coverage of many influential films from my childhood.  If you do not have a copy of this book, I strongly suggest picking one up and revisit those moments of movie history!


Resting from flight.

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About 10 hours into this half-sleeve so far. Birds really do make for great tattoos and I had a blast working on this piece.  It wraps around but I didn’t get a decent photo of the other Sparrow on the other side of his arm.

Bloodness Mouthful

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What a fun time, this design is a coverup of a coverup.