I’ve recently parted ways with Electric Expressions and am now looking to secure a new location to pursue my craft.  I thoroughly enjoy tattooing and if it had not been for such an amazing clientele, I’d not have the opportunity to explore my creative outlet.  Thank you all for your time and patience and please be sure to sign up to follow my blog to receive notifications of updates!

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4 Responses to “Progression”

  1. dean defrancesch Says:

    best of luck, keep us informed of where your going. we still have bit of work for you to do.

  2. Good Luck, I know that you will do well on your own. I will follow you where-ever I need to. Your work on my piece is amazing, I could not have asked for anything better 🙂 I’ll be contacting you on the 1st for my next appointment.

    Thanks again

  3. Good luck keep us updated, I will be contacting you on the first of the month to finish up the skull design you did on my arm. I absolutely love it. I have more tattoos that I definitely want you to do, I will discuss at next appointment. My wife liked your work so much that she wants to get her first tattoo with you.

    Thanks for letting us now,


  4. Lance LeBouef Says:

    Looking forward to your return! Ready for some more work to be done! Good luck and keep us posted!


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